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RX fume cupboards


Framework is fully manufactured in aluminium - 100% recyclable material - consisting of Bicasa custom-made extruded profiles. The round-shaped design is the distinctive feature of RX fume cupboards, which improves end user comfort and increases airflow efficiency.

EN 14175 & ASHRAE 110

RX fume cupboards are certified according to EN 14175 standard Part 2-3 “Laboratory fume cupboards” - Part 6 “Variable air volume fume cupboards” and ASHRAE 110-2016.


RX is designed to offer maximum performances and safety to end users. Fume hoods are tested and certified with face velocity values of 0.15 m/s, 0.30 m/s and 0.50 m/s, to be used depending on working conditions. All tests reported excellent results of containment and robustness without any supportive airflow.

FACE VELOCITIES: 0.15-0.30-0.50 m/s
CONTAINMENT: ≤ 0.01 ppm
ROBUSTNESS: ≤ 0.298 ppm


The research applied to airflows entering the workspace and the construction of internal compartment are the reasons of achievement of such high performances. In order to achieve the best technical solutions, the CFD analysis (Computational Fluid Dynamics), calculated on RX mathematic model, allowed accurate evaluations under different conditions of use.


Mechanical parts, operating in the vertical sliding movement, are installed in an external compartment, preventing degradation due to corrosive agents inside the working chamber. In case of breakage of either one or both belts simultaneously, the safety block system of the independent counterweights prevents sash from falling down.


RX fume cupboards are a dynamic and modular system, to be easily customized in compliance with end user requirements. RX SMART, with its slim side walls, offers more internal space available and also side glasses to increase the workspace illuminance. RX FULL is designed with vertically arranged services, directly installed on side wall modules and ready to accept a great number of utilities, in order to increase flexibility of the workspace.